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About Us

The Surya adventure started after travelling for some years around Asia and more specifically in

India, the country that blew us away so much that we wanted to bring a bit of it back in our luggage .

And that’s how this project came to life .

We settled in Reunion Island and our shop opened its doors in 2010.

We find our inspiration in our travels and we create a fashion that is feminine ,ethnic ,fusioned and laidback thanks to the collaborative work of our suppliers who are small Indian companies that are respectful of their workers giving them the opportunity to make their living in fair conditions.

Our clothes are colourful and cheerful ,easy to wear.

Our jewellery is ethnic and handcrafted ,made of noble material such as gemstones ,silver ,brass ,wood and glass.

It is a style designed for all women who are looking for sunshine ,freedom and optimism .

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